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Corn Maze- $6.00 per person, kids 5 and under free, Mini Maze Free

Each year SonHarvest Seasons plans and cuts a special design into the corn maze. The first year two teenage boys, Zak and Luke Wiebe, cut the corn maze into the shape of a pirate ship. Amazingly, they did it with a machete. The maze that year was six acres.  In following years, the Peils used walkie-talkies and stood on top of their large truck and later, the top of their house to direct Brian in the field as he cut the design into the maze. Today, all the family members and many friends ponder each year’s design until one idea is accepted. Usually Kim draws the design on paper and figures the maze. It must be challenging but not difficult. Brian then cuts the design into the corn when it is about six inches tall. It is always a joy when the design is cut in and the first customers experience the fun.
In previous years the design of the maze has been a pirate’s ship, a spider, a jack-o-lantern, a tractor, scare crow and many other awesome designs. This year the design is a cat chasing a mouse, a 10 kitty! Some years the design is perfect, other years the design is altered slightly due to natural wet areas in the field. Sometimes after going in circles for hours, mistakes are made but only the people who fly over with drones or in power gliders and small aircraft know about it!!

How The Corn Maze Works
We have 2 different mazes, one for your little guys who might not enjoy the idea of being lost in a huge maze but still want the experience, and a bigger more difficult maze for you and your bigger kids! The small maze is for pre-school groups or classes( please see field trips/groups for group rates) that has simple winding paths with few intersections, and an accompanying adult can easily see out should the group feel lost!
    Our Big maze is hard even for those who have a good sense of direction, so if you are the type who can get lost in Shoshoni, beware! This maze is a mess of winding paths and intersections of various shapes and numbers. Your choices are endless. Each path has been designed to give you the feeling you have been there before and maybe you have!! Please read our special requests to learn more about the rules and limitations of our corn maze. Please consider the work involved in making the maze and others who wish to use the maze as it was intended. Please stay on the cut paths and do not cut through the corn field. The supervision of children is the responsibility of the school, group, or responsible adult.

Special Requests
Our goal is to provide safe family fun in this special once a year location, but as this location is an operating farm throughout the rest of the year, parking can get tight and it can be difficult to see children when backing out. We do our best to help keep children clear of the moving vehicles, but we would ask for your assistance in this. Please keep all children near a responsible adult when near any and all parking areas and roadways. We encourage children to run and play in the fields where there are no vehicles!!! SonHarvest Seasons is not responsible for any injury or incident of any kind that could take place on this property. We do not allow dogs on the Pumpkin Patch due to the request of our insurance provider. We also respectfully request that you do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while in the corn maze or pumpkin patch. This is a family oriented business and it is our goal to make our farm family-friendly.


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