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How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin in 7 Easy Steps.                                                

1. Come to the Pumpkin Patch-look for signs.

2. Select the perfect wheelbarrow or wagon, or stretch out your pumpkin hauling muscles!!

3.  Wander about the fields with no real destination in mind except perhaps the one or two areas that would be the most difficult to pull your wagon through, filling said wagon with every cute, odd, funky, or even perfect pumpkin you see along the way.

4.  Should you in your pumpkin patch travels come across an uncut stem on the pumpkin of your dreams, we strongly encourage the use of garden clippers, sheers, scissors, pocket knives, sharp rocks, fingernails, teeth and any other form of cutting tool, be it primitive or modern, to cut the stem from the vine at whatever point you deem best. We do not charge extra if you wish to take some vines with you, so get after it.

5.  When your wheelbarrow, wagon, Mom or Dad is fully loaded and/or beginning to complain, return to your vehicle or the main tent area and deposit your treasures. Sort carefully through your selections to be sure you didn't miss your favorite one somewhere in the field, then smile at the awesomeness of your amazing pumpkin picking abilities and momentarily wonder if you should quit your day job and take on pumpkin picking as your life’s ambition.

6. After you return to reality, flag down one of the Pumpkin Patch staff members, someone wearing a whitish money belt that looks suspiciously like a tool belt from the local hardware store, who is walking about looking quite useful, and ask them to sum up your heap and ask about our CORN MAZE. (Our expert sales clerks deal primarily in cash/card or checks but currently accept all currencies falling under the title of the US dollar!)

7. Load your prize into your car and head for home where you can show up your whole neighborhood with the quality pumpkins you stack at your front door. Remember, if you are pooped out or unable to haul those pumpkins another step, or the pumpkin is bigger than you, please be sure to ask for assistance!!


      SonHarvest Season is located along Highway 789 five miles north of Riverton. The signs are orange and black with pumpkins and arrows showing the way. When you approach Two Valley Road you will see a fabulously orange field bursting with pumpkins. You Have Arrived! If there is still doubt, you may call 307-856-6616 to get further directions. Each season, SonHarvest Seasons Pumpkin Patch may be in a new location since rotating crops is a necessary and healthy aspect of responsible farming. This website will be updated each year to give you accurate directions. And for your convenience, the Pumpkin Patch will always be planted near the previous year’s location.

                                                             Special Requests                                          

   Our goal is to provide safe family fun in this special once a year location, but as this location is an operating farm throughout the rest of the year, parking can get tight and it can be difficult to see children when backing out. We do our best to help keep children clear of the moving vehicles, but we would ask for your assistance in this. Please keep all children near a responsible adult when near any and all parking areas and roadways. We encourage children to run and play in the fields where there are no vehicles!!! SonHarvest Seasons is not responsible for any injury or incident of any kind that could take place on this property. We do not allow dogs on the Pumpkin Patch due to the request of our insurance provider. We also respectfully request that you do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while in the corn maze or pumpkin patch. This is a family oriented business and it is our goal to make our farm family-friendly.



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